What Is The Best G Rated Trailer Tire? (Helpful Guide) (2023)

When it comes to towing trailers, you need the right rated tire or you could end up in a world of hurt. Tires are made for specific load weights and too light of a tire will mean it can blow out at the worst possible moment.

This is a subjective question as different tire companies make excellent G-rated tires. It is hard to say which is the best as so few RVers use them unless they are towing very heavy loads. But our money is on Michelin or Goodyear brands.

To learn more about this top-rated tire, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about especially when you are towing extremely heavy trailers. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you find the right tire for your towing situation.

G Rated Trailer Tires 101

What are G-rated trailer tires?

G-rated Tires Ply

How Long do G-rated Trailer Tires Last?

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G-rated Trailer Tires Made in America

What is The Best G-rated Trailer Tire?

Hercules G-rated Trailer Tires

What Happens To Tires When TheyGet Old?

How To Tell if The Tire is New or Not

What are G-rated trailer tires?

What Is The Best G Rated Trailer Tire? (Helpful Guide) (1)

We reported in another article that the load range only went between B and F. That may be for trucks and cars, not trailers. For trailers, the rating can go as high as H but you will rarely need a G-rated tire and you may never need a G-rated tire.

The reason for that is that G-rated tires can hold up to 6000 pounds each approx. Some do not go that high but they are between the 4000 and 5000-pound marks. It will depend on the tire maker and how much weight they can carry.

The problem you will find when you want to upgrade to a G-rated tire is that most RVs and trailers are made for E-rated tires. There may not be room for the G-rated options.

These are the toughest tires you can buy which would make them ideal to use if they fit in the little space your axles provide. They will need to be inflated to 110 psi if you are going to benefit from all the strength and towing power they bring to your towing situation.

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G-rated Tires Ply

As we just mentioned, this tire rating is the toughest tire you can buy. Whether you can use it or not is another story for another day. The G stands for 14 ply.

In other words, the amount of rubber you actually get on this tire has the strength of 14layers of rubber. There are not 14 layers on the tire but you get that toughness that allows you to tow heavier weight and longer trailers.

The rim size is 6.5 wide and 16 in diameter. This is not going to be a small tire and the tread depth, depending on the manufacturer is 12/32nds or 3/8ths of an inch.

The speed rating may shock you as most of these tires are not rated for high speeds. They are usually rated M which means their top speed is 56 mph. You are not going to get anywhere fast with these tires nor should you consider the weight they are carrying.

Because they can carry between 4000 and 6000 pounds approx., you are going to be towing very heavy weight. Plan your traveling time very carefully so you have time to reach your next destination.

How Long do G-rated Trailer Tires Last?

What Is The Best G Rated Trailer Tire? (Helpful Guide) (2)

It is hard to say as so many different factors come into play. But generally, you should change your tires about every 10,000 to 15,000 miles on average./ Some will last longer while others may not last that long.

Some of those factors include driving over broken glass, hitting a nail, or scraping it once too often against the curb, and so on. When those situations happen, your tires may be brand new but they are gone.

You may not even have gotten 5000 miles out of them. But if you drive according to their speed rating, do not overload your trailer, and do not go down very rough roads, you may see them last over 15,000 miles.

If you want this in years, some people have said that trailer tires only last between 3 and 5 years. That will depend on how often you tow your trailer. Weather, road conditions, stop and go traffic all play their role in the longevity of your trailer tires.

Being the toughest tire for trailers does not mean that they are immune to all these factors. You just have to buy a good brand, avoid the China bombs and you should do okay.

G-rated Trailer Tires Made in America

This can be complicated as many tire companies that make tires in America are not independent companies anymore. In fact, the first 3 of 4 companies on one list are all owned by the #1 company Goodyear.

They all make tires in America but whether the G-rated option is a part of their lineup is not fully known. The ones that indicated that they make G-rated tires are-- #1 Goodyear and this is the parent company of the next 4.

Goodyear bought out Cooper Tires which owned Dick Cepek, Mickey Thompson & Max-Trac Tire Co. Inc (not on that list). Number 2 on that list is Hoosier and there is no word if it is still independent or not.

Those first 5 tire companies are all American based and have factories throughout the country. However, there are foreign tire companies that make tires in America.

Their lineup should include the G-rated tires since RVing and towing heavy loads are very popular in this country. Those foreign companies are:

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Then Michelin owns Uniroyal, BFGoodrich, Kleber, Riken, Tigar, and Kormoran, who could also make G-rated tires in the country. This may get confusing but there is a way to tell if the tire was made in America or not.

All tires made in America must have a DOT code on the side wall of the tire. The four final numbers of the code tell you the week of the year and the year it was made. There is some question as to if that DOT code applies to all tires sold in America not made in America.

What is The Best G-rated Trailer Tire?

What Is The Best G Rated Trailer Tire? (Helpful Guide) (3)

This is a very subjective question as performance usually dictates how an owner rates his or her tires. Some get great performance out of tires made in China by a Chinese tire making company. Others do not.

Some owners get great performance from Michelin tires while others do not. They rate their tires according to performance and how long they owned and got to use them.

One best list carried mostly G-rated tires made in China and not made by any of the brands we listed above. Another list did the same. Transeagle was about the only brand that made both lists. Suntek made one list 3 times as did Transeagle so they should have good tires.

Gremax also made these lists and it is up to another article to see who owns these companies and where their tires are made. But do not sell Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohoma, and the other major players short. They all make great tires including the G-rated series.

Usually, you cannot go wrong with Goodyear, Goodrich, Bridgetown, Michelin, and other top tire companies’ tires. They have been in the tire making business for almost 100 years or more so they know how to make a good tire.

Hercules G-rated Trailer Tires

First, this company has been in business for about 70 years. That is the good news. The bad news is that they were and probably still are owned by Cooper Tires who is now owned by Goodyear.

In 1960 Cooper Tires was the exclusive maker of this brand of tires. However, factories are found around the world. You can find them in the following countries USA, Mexico, Krusevac, Serbia, China, and Vietnam, plus 7 more.

In total, they have 69 factories in 13 countries. This wide range of factories allows the company to keep its prices low without sacrificing any quality. It is said that you are getting one of the best tires made if you buy the Hercules brand, including G-rated tires.

But opinions differ as some owners feel that this is one of the worst tires you can buy. The word is that American Tire Distributors bought the brand back in 2014 and that is when the quality of the tire went downhill. We have not confirmed that ownership as of yet.


It is hard to say how good these tires are as there is some doubt as to the specs they were made under. According to some owners, the quality of the rubber may not be as good as it could be.

What Happens To Tires When TheyGet Old?

What Is The Best G Rated Trailer Tire? (Helpful Guide) (4)

As tough as a tire can be, even G-rated ones, wear, tear and age will catch up to them at some point in time. The signs of age and wearing out are fairly visible so you will know when you should replace those great, tough tires.

From the cheapest to the most expensive, the signs of age will appear and those tires with 14-ply strength will eventually give in to age and so on. What you will see will depend on the quality of the build.

Some tires will crack from the inside and that crack will ruin the integrity of the tires. These cracks will spread throughout the tire and eventually separate the belt from the rubber.

When that happens and you keep driving on them, you can have a serious blowout which then causes a major traffic accident. Some companies use chemicals to help reduce the risk of cracking.

Those chemicals only help a little and delay the inevitable for only a short time. When it comes to trailer tires, you should never buy used ones. The price may be right but you do not know what type of damage they are already suffering from.

You may save money initially but spend more later when those great deal tires blow out and cause even more damage to your trailer. Buy new so you can have some peace of mind and some recourse if they turn out to be lemons.

How To Tell if The Tire is New or Not

You will know if a tire is made before the year 2000 because it will not have the DOT code on its sidewall. That requirement came in the year 2000 or 2001 and that code will give you a specific date for its manufacture.

It is easy to spot the DOT code as it will say DOT right before the 12 letter and number code. The last 4 digits of that code are the most important when you are looking for its age.

Numbers 9 and 10 of the code refer to the week the tire was made and numbers 11 and 12 refer to the year it was made. If the tire says 2422 in those last 4 digits, then you know that the tire was made in the 24th week of 2022.

That code gives you a pretty good idea of the age of the tire and if you can really trust it or not. The only time you have to worry about older tires is if you are buying a used trailer or RV, etc.

If those vehicles have sat around for a long time, you could end up with tires dating back to 2015, 2010, and so on.

Some Final Words

Buying G-rated tires is not for everyone. You really need to be towing a very heavy load to need them on your trailer. Those heavy loads may be the long 40 to 42-foot trailers that come with every feature imaginable inside.

Not everyone will need this very heavy-duty tire and you can get away with using E-rated options for your towing situations. When you buy a G-rated tire stick to the top brands as they make great tires that last a long time.

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How much weight can a trailer tire load range G hold? ›

Most tires for trucks today are rated G or H. “Based on the size, most G-rated tires can hold approximately 6,000 pounds, while an H-rated in the same size can hold roughly 6,500 pounds at the same pressure per tire,” said Rob Williams, senior director of TBR sales at Hankook Tire.

How long do G rated trailer tires last? ›

Even if the tire tread has plenty of depth left and you can't see any cracking with the naked eye, the generally accepted rule of thumb states that trailer tires should be replaced after about 6 or 7 years.

What is the best load range tire for a trailer? ›

C and D load range tires are the most used when it comes to medium to larger-size trailers, but if you're hauling a heavy-duty trailer, load range E tires are probably what you need.

What happens if weight is too far back on trailer? ›

If you don't have enough weight on the trailer tongue, the trailer may be prone to swaying from side to side, making it difficult to control. Conversely, if you have too much weight exerted on the hitch ball, the force could overload the rear tires of the tow vehicle and push the rear end of the vehicle around.

What is the load rating for 10 ply tires? ›

Brands mark load range E tires to indicate that their durability is equal to 10-ply tires. This means that the plies located in the tire's sidewall are able the handle the same stress as 10 plies can. The load range E weight capacity is 1,520 lbs at 80 psi.

What speed are G rated tires rated for? ›

to 56 mph

Why does my trailer tires wear out so fast? ›

That said, rapid or significantly uneven trailer tire wear can be caused by: Riding with the wrong tire pressure. Exceeding your tires' load capacity. Trailer misalignment or bent wheels from hitting curbs, potholes or debris.

Are 20 year old trailer tires good? ›

Even though an older tire might appear to have plenty of tread left on it, dry rot and cracking can cause tire failure. The mating surface behind the bolt holes should be flat, and should mate perfectly with the face of your hubs. I would definitely replace the tires before using the trailer again.

Do I need 10 ply tires on my trailer? ›

If you drive a ¾ ton, one ton or even larger pickup or SUV (or haul a trailer) then you require 10-ply tires. You might have heard about Load Range E tires, which are a 10-ply equivalent.

Should trailer tires be filled to max? ›

It's really important not to overload trailer tires. Overloading tires can cause premature wear and increase the risk of tire failure. The “Max. Load” information stamped on the sidewall indicates a tire's load capacity when it's inflated to the maximum PSI.

What load range tire should I buy? ›

To roughly determine the tire load range capacity for each individual truck tire, take the vehicle's gross vehicle weight (or GVW) and divide by four. If the vehicle gross weight is 4,500 pounds, each tire should be able to safely support at least 1,125 pounds.

Is a higher ply tire better? ›


This number correlates to the maximum safe carrying capacity of the tire when it's inflated to its maximum pressure. Higher load index ratings mean your tires may be able to handle a heavier load.

How many miles does a 14 ply trailer tire last? ›

Trailer tires can last 3-4 years or 10,000-12,000 miles. The tire life may vary depending on the tire's quality, the type of roads and terrain it travels on, and the load weight that is being carried.

How much weight can 10 ply tires handle? ›

At 60 psi on a 10ply tire, the tire's load carrying capacity is reduced to 2,314 pounds per tire. If the customer runs 65 psi in a 10 ply tire, his capacity is now able to carry 2,507 per tire.

What not to do when towing a trailer? ›

Top 8 Mistakes People Make While Towing
  1. Overworking Your Engine. The number one mistake people make, by far, is overworking their tow vehicle. ...
  2. Wrong Weight Distribution Bars. ...
  3. Not Checking or Maintaining Brakes. ...
  4. Poorly Loaded Vehicles. ...
  5. Wrong Ball/Ball Mount. ...
  6. 6. “ ...
  7. Low-Pressure Tires. ...
  8. Not Lubing Your Components.

What is the 80 20 rule for towing? ›

The 80/20 towing rule is a safety measure many RVers follow. Basically, the rule states that you shouldn't tow above 80% of your max towing capacity. This gives room for human error in calculations. It also protects the life of your vehicle by not pushing it to the max every time you tow your trailer.

Is it better to have weight in front or back of trailer? ›

As you load your trailer, you need to keep in mind that 60% of the cargo weight should be loaded in the front half of the trailer. Heavier items should be loaded in the front, with lighter, smaller items placed near the rear.

Will a 12 ply tire last longer than a 10 ply? ›

12-ply tires are built to be stronger and longer lasting than 10-ply tires and are shown in many aspects, including durability, performance, range, puncture resistance, heavy loads, and more.

How many ply tires are good? ›

The most common ply rating range would be 10, 12, or 14 ply rated, which in actuality only has two or three fabric or steel plies. Therefore, while researching tires in today's market, think of a higher ply rating to indicate a more heavy-duty tire for a more heavy-duty application.

What tire load rating do I need for towing? ›

You'll want to look at tires with a load index of 119 or higher for towing. The load index is typically the last number on the sidewall of a tire and is followed by the speed rating letter.

What PSI are G rated tires? ›

A load-range G is typically 105 psi, whereas a load-range H is 120 psi. To get to a 13,200-lb. load capacity, you need at least 6,600 lb. per tire.

How fast can you go when towing a trailer? ›

First, we recommend maintaining a speed limit of 55 miles per hour or less. Driving too fast can contribute to issues like trailer sway and combination disturbance, which can be dangerous not only for you but also other drivers and passengers on the road.

How fast can you pull a trailer with 12 inch tires? ›

The 12 inch tires that we carry are rated for 65 miles per hour. Any faster than that for extended periods and the excessive heat build up will cause tire failure. To get a tire with a higher speed rating you would have to go up in size. That also means you will need different wheels.

How do I keep my trailer tires from getting flat spots? ›

What Preventative Measures Can I Take to Prevent Flat Spots
  1. Inflate your tires to manufacturer-recommended levels and checking the tire pressure often.
  2. Wash your tires to remove harmful elements.
  3. Cover your tires with UV-protectant covers.
  4. Keep the vehicle out of sunny areas in a covered parking area.
Apr 17, 2021

Should trailer tires be inflated to max psi? ›

When it comes to trailer tires you always want to have them inflated to their max psi when cold. Not only do you get the full capacity at the max psi, you also will generate less heat in the tire since there won't be as much flex in the sidewall, you'll get better wear and better fuel mileage.

How do I keep my trailer tires from cracking? ›

One of the best possible options is that if your trailer is going to be inactive for an extended period you could also leave it resting on blocks, remove the tires altogether, and store them while underinflated in a cool, dry place.

Does trailer tires need to be balanced? ›

Though it is commonplace to have car and truck tires balanced, it is just as important to balance those on trailers if they'll be driven at 30 mph or faster.

Why do trailer tires fail so often? ›

Tire failure is usually caused by a few things. It can be from overloading the trailer, improper tire inflation, and/or exceeding the speed rating for the tire. You should verify that the tire capacity you have for you trailer is adequate for how much your trailer weighs.

Should trailer tires be rotated? ›

Single axle boat-trailer tires usually don't need to be rotated. A tandem axle trailer rotation isn't necessary unless you notice increased wear that's occurring faster than normal. In that case, rotate the tires from front to back, preferably in an "X" configuration.

How much weight can a load range a tire carry? ›

Using the Tire Load Index Chart

In other words, it's the amount of weight your tire can support safely. For example, if a tire has a load index of 92, it can support 1,389 pounds at maximum air pressure. Multiply that by four tires (4 x 1,389 = 5,556 pounds) to get your car's maximum load carrying capacity.

How much weight can I load on my trailer? ›

When fully loaded, a small enclosed utility trailer can be rated for a maximum of up to 7,000 pounds (GVWR). However, for trailers 12 feet long or less, the average cargo load capacity is typically around 2,200 pounds.

What is trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating? ›

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the most weight allowed of both your trailer and cargo. The GAWR will be posted on your trailer's VIN label. The VIN label can be found on the driver's side of our newer trailers and on the tongue of older trailers.

What is the maximum weight to load a trailer? ›

Flatbed trailers: can load up to 48,000 pounds of cargo. Dry vans trailers: 44,000 to 45,000 pounds. Refrigerated trailers or reefers: 42,500 to 44000 pounds.

Do I really need load range E tires? ›

Yes, Load Range E tires are good, as they provide the necessary load durability. They are able to typically carry 1,520 lbs at 80 PSI without issues. This makes them perfect for most light trucks, which require higher tire load range capacity.

Can you exceed tire load rating? ›

Never exceed a tire's maximum load rating (the limit that is molded into the tire sidewall) or the maximum vehicle load limit shown on the vehicle tire placard, whichever is less.

Is a higher load rating better? ›

The load rating can be located on the sidewall of all tyres and is represented by a numerical value. The higher the load rating number, the stronger the tyre. Tyres with a higher load rating can take a greater amount of air pressure, which means they can also carry heavier loads.

Where should the heaviest load be on a trailer? ›

Heavier items should be loaded in the front, with lighter, smaller items placed near the rear. If you are towing a closed trailer, the lighter, smaller items should be placed near the top of the trailer in the rear. For an open trailer, smaller items shouldn't be loaded above the height of the sides of the trailer box.

When loading a trailer where should you place the heaviest item? ›

Loading your trailer

60% of the cargo weight should be positioned in front of the trailer (towards the towing tongue or gooseneck), and 40% at the back of the trailer. Place the heaviest items at the front and on the bottom, and lighter items in the rear of the trailer at the top.

How do I know if my trailer is too heavy? ›

Pay attention to your ratings
  1. Loss of steering control – caused by the sway-force of your too-heavy trailer. ...
  2. Unresponsive braking – caused by rear tire overload. ...
  3. Blown tires – caused when the back tires of your truck are shouldering more weight than they are designed to handle.
Aug 13, 2021

How can I increase my towing capacity? ›

How to Increase Towing Capacity
  1. Upgrading the Hitch. The same vehicle can tow more with a Class III hitch than a Class II hitch. ...
  2. Installing a Weight-Distribution Hitch. ...
  3. Upgrading the Brakes. ...
  4. Replacing the Axles. ...
  5. Adding Bigger Radiator.

How much weight can a 14000 GVWR trailer carry? ›

Alternatively, if it's stickered so a CDL is required to tow the trailer at 14K GVWR, it has a 9990 pound payload capacity.

Do you add hitch weight to trailer weight? ›

Note: the weight of the hitch itself is included in the payload calculations. If we add the base weight of the front and rear axles together, we get 5,065 pounds, which is the curb weight of our vehicle. And if we add the max payload of 1840-pounds, we get our GVWR of 6,900 pounds.

What is one maneuver you should never attempt while pulling triples? ›

Some maneuvers, such as backing, should never be attempted. Areas and highways where triples are allowed are limited. Demonstrate basic LCV operations through on-the-road training. This portion of the training course must cover the following elements: * Coupling and uncoupling.

How much weight can a 6x12 single axle trailer carry? ›

Carry-On Trailer® 6' x 12' Single Axle Utility Trailer with Solid Sides - 2,990 lbs. GVWR.

Do you count trailer weight when towing? ›

To be safe, you need to calculate your vehicle's towing capacity under the specific conditions you're in each time you tow. To do that, you'll need to know the full GCVWR – the total weight of your tow vehicle and everything in it, combined with the total weight of your trailer and everything in it.


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