The SpongeBob Musical | Concord Theatricals (2023)


A. A Hui Hou (Until We Meet Again) – Orchestra
B. A'ole Pilikia (No Problem, No Trouble) – Orchestra
C. Don't Fill Up on Pupu, Tutu – Orchestra
D. You Can't Lei That On Me – Orchestra
E. You're Too Wikiwiki For Me – Orchestra

Act I

0. Prologue – Orchestra
1. “Bikini Bottom Day (Part 1)” (by Jonathan Coulton) – SpongeBob, Patrick, Girl Fish, Squidward & Ensemble

1A. “Bikini Bottom Day (Part 2)” (by Jonathan Coulton) – Sandy, Cowboy Fish, Krabs, Plankton & Karen
“Bikini Bottom Day (Part 3)” (by Jonathan Coulton) – Full Company
1C.”Bikini Bottom Day (Part 4)” (by Jonathan Coulton) – Full Company
1D.Let Us Now Observe – Orchestra
2. “Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise 1)” (by Jonathan Coulton) – SpongeBob
2A. Perch Perkins: Breaking News – Orchestra
2B. Mt. Humongous Revealed #1 – Orchestra
2C. No Control (Intro) – Orchestra
3. “No Control” (by David Bowie and Brian Eno) – Perch Perkins & Full Company
4. “BFF” (by Plain White Ts) – SpongeBob & Patrick
4A. All Citizens to the Town Square – Orchestra
4B. Pyroclastic Pressure – Orchestra
5. “When the Going Gets Tough” (by T.I., Domani Harris and Darwin Quinn) – Plankton, Karen, Backup Fish, SpongeBob, Mayor & Ensemble
5A. Look Out World ('Cause Here I Come) #1 – Squidward
6. “(Just a) Simple Sponge”(by Panic! At the Disco) – SpongeBob & Chorus
6A. Perch Perkins: Apocalypse Now – Orchestra
7. “Daddy Knows Best”(by Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) – Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Electric Skates & Ensemble
7A. One More Krabby Patty – Orchestra
7B. Fast Food Domination – Orchestra
7C. Back to Patrick – Orchestra
7D. Zut Alors – 5 Sardine Devotees & Angry Mob
7E. Jellyfish Fields – Orchestra
8. “Hero Is My Middle Name” (by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman) – SpongeBob, Sandy & Patrick
8A. Hero Playoff – Orchestra
8B. Look Out World ('Cause Here I Come) #2 – Orchestra
8C. Plankton Loves Karen – Orchestra
9. “Super Sea Star Savior” (by Yolanda Adams) – Sardines & Patrick
9A. Patrick Playoff – Orchestra
9B. Oh Tarter Sauce – Orchestra
10. “Tomorrow Is” (by The Flaming Lips) – Sandy, SpongeBob, Squidward, Plankton, Karen & Ensemble

Act II

11. “Poor Pirates” (by Sara Bareilles) – Patchy & Pirates
11A. The Next Morning – Orchestra
11B. Perch Perkins: The End is Coming – Orchestra
12. “Bikini Bottom Day Reprise” (by Jonathan Coulton) – SpongeBob
12A. Duty Calls – Orchestra
13. “Bikini Bottom Boogie” (by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith) – The Electric Skates, Pearl & Ensemble
13A. That Reminds Me – Orchestra
13B. Mt. Humongous Revealed #2 – Orchestra
14. “Chop to the Top” (by Lady Antebellum) – Sandy & SpongeBob
14A. Climbing Mt. Humongous #1 – Orchestra
14B. Patrick Star Superstar – Orchestra
15. “(I Guess I) Miss You” (by John Legend) – SpongeBob & Patrick
15A. Back to Squidward – Orchestra
15B. Look Out World ('Cause Here I Come) #3 – Orchestra
16. “I’m Not a Loser” (by They Might Be Giants) – Squidward & Sea Anemones
17. Climbing Mt. Humongous #2 – Orchestra
18. “Simple Sponge (Reprise)” (by Panic! At the Disco) – SpongeBob
18A. Us Go – Orchestra
19. “Tomorrow Is (Reprise) / Best Day Ever” (by Andy Paley and Tom Kenny) – SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, Perch & Ensemble
19A. You Saved Us – Orchestra
19B. Bikini Bottom Way – Townfish
20. Finale: “Bikini Bottom Day Reprise” (by Jonathan Coulton) – SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, Krabs & Ensemble
21. Bows – Orchestra
22. “The SpongeBob Theme Song” (by Derek Drymon, Mark Harrison, Stephen Hillenburg and Blaise Smith) – Full Company
23. Exit Music – Orchestra

1 Pre-Show Music Lead Sheets*

1 Reed 1- Flute, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone
1 Reed 2- Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
1 Trumpet- Doubling Flügelhorn
1 Trombone
1 Percussion(**FOLEY ARTIST FISH)- Concert Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Shaker, Xylophone, Sleigh Bells, Mallet KAT, Glockenspiel, Toms, Wood Block, Triangle, Timpani, Congas, Bell Tree, Tubular Bells, "Pizza Drum" (Large drum with ominous, bass drum quality), Cowbell, PAD, "Noisy Things" (Clanky Noisemakers), Steel Drum, Chimes, Guiro, Mark Tree, Vibes, Vibraslap, Cymbal, Hand Drums, Snare Drum, Castanets, Clave & Bell Tree
1 Drums- Drum Set, Suspended Cymbal, Mark Tree, Electronic Drum Pad, Bongos, Tambourine, Shaker, Clave, Cowbell, Handclap, Taiko, Concert Bass Drum, Storm Drums, Marching Snare & Piatti
1 Keyboard 1
1 Keyboard 2/Guitar 3- Steel String Acoustic
1 Keyboard 3-Conductor

1 Guitar 1- Nylon Acoustic, Steel String Acoustic, Electric, Archtop, Banjo & Ukulele
1 Guitar 2- Nylon Acoustic, Steel String Acoustic, Electric, Archtop, Banjo, Lap Steel & Mandolin
1 Violin 1
1 Violin 2
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Bass- Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass & Precision Bass

Licensees are encouraged to use the included live pre-show music, available only in lead sheet form, which can be arranged for the number and kinds of instruments that are available to each production. The Broadway production utilized lap steel guitar, keyboard/bass, kazoo, and various percussion instruments played by both band and cast members. The intention of the pre-show music, however each production addresses it, is to enhance the playful, tropical environment into which the audience should enter. Be creative, have fun, and welcome your audience into the party.

1 Conductor/Kazoo- Secondary Melody Instrument
1 Lap Steel Guitar- Primary Melody Instrument
1 Keyboard/Bass
1 Percussion

The FOLEY ARTIST FISH is a staged role that produces all sound effects specified in the script and score using percussion instruments, triggered digital effects, and other creative sound makers. As envisioned by Tina Landau, “The show is meant to be performed with a FOLEY ARTIST FISH playing sound effects live, and within view of the audience, to accompany the stage action. This could include footsteps for SpongeBob and Squidward (as in the Broadway Production), dings for objects appearing, whacks for hits, and so on.”

In the Broadway production, the FOLEY ARTIST FISH played the PERCUSSION book and also performed many additional sound effects not specified in the PERCUSSION book. Licensees are encouraged to create their own foley score that suits their staging, talent, and resources.

Q: What is Foley?
In Filmmaking, Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added during post-production to enhance audio quality. A Foley Artist is a person who creates this sound art.

Q: Is the FOLEY ARTIST FISH required?
Yes, the FOLEY ARTIST FISH is a required character.

Q: Is the FOLEY ARTIST FISH supposed to be an actor or a percussionist?
The FOLEY ARTIST FISH could be performed by any individual capable of performing live and digital sound effects. While a percussion background may be useful, licensees are welcome to cast any individual best suited to perform the role.

Q: Can I put the FOLEY ARTIST FISH in the pit?
The FOLEY ARTIST FISH should be clearly within view of the audience throughout the show and does interact with other characters. In the Broadway production, this role was performed from box seating near the proscenium. Each venue is different, so please evaluate your venue to confirm the best location for the FOLEY ARTIST FISH.

Q: Do I need 2 percussionists, or 3?
Licensees can utilize 2 or 3 individuals.

In the Broadway production, there were 2 percussionists.
1 played the DRUMS book
1 played the PERCUSSION book + SFX as the FOLEY ARTIST FISH

However, licensees are welcome to utilize 3 individuals as follows:
1 percussionist on the DRUMS book
1 percussionist on the PERCUSSION book
1 performer cast as the FOLEY ARTIST FISH, covering SFX only

Piano Only productions will need 1 individual as follows:
1 performer cast as the FOLEY ARTIST FISH, covering SFX only

Q: How will the FOLEY ARTIST FISH know what to play?
The FOLEY ARTIST FISH should perform all SFX found the script, as well as any SFX notated in the PERCUSSION book. Piano Only productions should perform all SFX found in the script and Piano-Vocal score. The FOLEY ARTIST FISH can also perform additional, relevant SFX not specifically indicated in the script or score.

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