The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run [2020] [PG] – 1.3.1 (2023)

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run [2020] [PG] – 1.3.1 (1)Why is “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” rated PG? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “rude humor, some thematic elements, and mild language.” The evaluation includes a fish swooning over another fish, zombies in a saloon, a kidnapped snail, several arguments, encounters with a maniacal plankton, a self-obsessed sea god, and some name-calling and mild language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

After SpongeBob’s pet snail disappears, he and Patrick muster the courage to undertake a mission to find him and return him to Bikini Bottom. With the voices of Tim Hill, Clancy Brown, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Mr. Lawrence, Carolyn Lawrence, Awkwafina, Tom Kenny, Jill Talley, Reggie Watts, Matt Berry and Tiffany Haddish. Also with Keanu Reeves, Snoop Dogg and Danny Trejo. Directed by Tim Hill. [Running Time: 1:31]

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run SEX/NUDITY 1

– A fish swoons over another fish and says, “I love me some Lamont.” A plankton refers to someone as its “computer wife.” When firing up a griddle cooker in a restaurant a sponge and a squid make a comment about “jiggling her jets” as they turn two handles on the cooker. A character says, “Take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain.”
A plankton is stuck between a starfish’s clothed buttocks cheeks when they try to squeeze into a suit of armor. A merman is shown shirtless and we see his bare shoulders, chest, abdomen and back. A starfish’s buttock cleavage is shown when it leans forward and its pants droop down. A sponge is shown wearing Jockey shorts.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run VIOLENCE/GORE 3

– Many zombies (they have grey-tinged flesh and dark veins are visible through it) are gathered in a saloon and another zombie speeds toward the saloon in a carriage with flames burning around it; the zombie in the carriage is called “El Diablo the wicked,” and a character yells, “They’re gonna eat our brains.” A sponge and a starfish are trapped in a cage and a man yells at them while sharpening two knives; the man’s eyes glow red and shoot out lasers toward the two in the cage, the bars melt and the man tries to stab them. A plankton breaks into a restaurant and tries to steal the secret recipe of a food item; it retrieves the ingredient list but drops it when it is knocked to the floor, it jumps around trying to catch it and lands on a conveyor that pushes it through a fry slicer and into boiling hot oil and it says, “Ow” (we see it unharmed later). Rays of sunlight touch a man’s hand and it burns him (we see embers and charred flesh), and he is eventually reduced to a pile of ash and embers. A swirling cloud of ash with glowing red eyes chases a sponge and a starfish. A fish is introduced to an audience as the executioner during an execution extravaganza.
A merman and a sponge tug on a snail pulling it back and forth until the merman locks it under a glass dome. A crab kicks a robot and it is thrown through the air, landing in a dumpster, as it calls out, “Robot abuse.” A boat is stopped short and a sponge and a starfish are thrown out and slam into a billboard (they’re OK). A merman throws a snail through a chute when it has no more slime and we see it, along with other snails, being forced to push a large wheel. A starfish catches fire onstage and runs through an audience screaming (we see him OK later). A merman angrily throws a glowing trident in one scene and threatens a sponge with it in another scene. A plankton grabs a snail and puts it in a sack taking it away from its home. A crab yells in a restaurant and patrons yell and throw things when there is no one there to prepare food and serve them; the crab is slammed against a pillar and threatened. A merman unclips flesh from behind his neck, takes off his hair and removes dentures leaving his sagging flesh, no hair on his head and a toothless mouth (his teeth end up in a snail’s mouth).
A sponge and a starfish are distracted by bright lights and gambling in a city. A fish is knocked off a stage. A sponge and a starfish sing and dance on a stage and make flatulent noises; they run across tables knocking things over and breaking them. A sponge and a starfish are locked in a cell where we see an axe stuck in a tree stump and rib bones on the floor. A fish sings an axe and breaks itself out of a cage on a stage. A squirrel pushes its paw into a sponge’s face pressing it in. A young starfish cries large amounts of tears and says that it is homesick when at a summer camp. A plankton is stuck between a starfish’s buttocks cheeks when they try to squeeze into a suit of armor to hide from castle guards; several characters hide in the armor and use its sword and mace to keep the guards at bay. A suit of armor with a squid inside it falls into flames and the squid inside screams, it falls over a ledge and onto the ground breaking through stone and creating a hole in the shape of the armor (we see the squid charred but OK later). Armed guards chase characters through a castle and a starfish stops to stuff its mouth and pants with food when it passes a buffet table. A merman panics when he thinks he sees a wrinkle on his face and the snail slime that he uses for his skincare regime is gone because there are no more snails.
A king is described as being cruel and that he beheads his subjects for entertainment; we see a poster of the man with a saw cutting through a box and a fish’s head is sticking out the other end of the box. A robot says, “Machines will rise to become masters over all organic life.” A plankton laughs maniacally and talks about an “evil plan” several times (we see that it has sharp teeth in its mouth). A character asks, “Why did he cruelly abandon me like that?” Photos are shown hanging on a wall that is referred to as the “Wall of Failure.” A sponge and a starfish argue in a couple of scenes ending with one of them storming away from the other. A squirrel argues with a crab and a squid. A sign in an abandoned town reads, “Abandon all hope.” A tumbleweed blows through an abandoned town and bumps into a sponge and a starfish, it turns to reveal a disembodied head glowing inside the tumbleweed and it talks to them giving them advice on how to find a snail. A reference is made to “feast or famine.” A young squid cries and runs away when it doesn’t win a talent show contest. A character says, “I swallowed a sea urchin.” A sponge panics and posts “Lost Snail” posters all over after his pet snail is snail-napped.
Flames burst up from a griddle in a restaurant kitchen a couple of times and each time a squid is caught in the flames and we see it charred but seemingly OK. A crab is stampeded by patrons in its restaurant (it’s OK). A squid gets caught in a window when it is closed on its tentacle and he yells. A snail barks like a dog when it encounters an oyster (they are both being led on leashes like dogs). A crab yells at its employees in a restaurant and talks about making money frequently. A robot drives a boat with a starfish and a sponge inside and they scream when it drives fast. A squirrel drives a vehicle and the passengers yell. Many zombies in a saloon are transformed into glittering swirls and they float into the air.
A sponge and a starfish sing and dance on a stage and make flatulent noises. A snail ducks behind a fire hydrant as if it is going to the bathroom (we do not see any waste). A starfish comes out from behind a fire hydrant pulling up its pants as if it had gone to the bathroom (we do not see waste). A snail eats a toy and a sponge says, “That’ll come out later.” A sponge is covered with blue slime from a snail. Ice cream falls off a cone and splatters on a sidewalk. A sponge washes the floor of a restaurant using itself and licks up the soapy liquid. We see a litter box with swirled piles of snail dung. A starfish eats sand from a litter box and spits it out. A man’s head inside a tumbleweed spits out a coin. A character talks about others passing out and sleeping in their own vomit and a starfish licks a puddle then says, “It’s not vomit, it’s drool.” Decayed food moves inside a fridge and one bit reaches out to close the door when a squirrel opens it. A fish vomits and we hear the splatter but do not see goo.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run LANGUAGE 1

– 2 mild scatological terms, name-calling (yucky, knuckleheads, stupid machine, boob, boob savant, cold, heartless, silly me, scary, weenie, shilly-shally, annoying, super freaking annoying, nattering newt, nay bob, maniac, losers, vice-ridden, stupid, old tub, loser, lollygagging, head full of rocks, dumb, head packed full of sand, hyperbole, goner gulch, inferno saloon), exclamations (ew, that little…, nonsense, you’re a hoot, how should I know, who the kelp is that, oh fish sticks, seriously, oh boy, what the heck, whatever, okey-dokey, my bad, heck), quasi-religious exclamations (a coin is stamped with the words “In Sage We Trust,” and a merman (Zeus) character calls out “Apollo take me now”). | profanity glossary |

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run SUBSTANCE USE

– Characters in a saloon and a casino are shown with mugs and cocktail glasses on the tables in front of them.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run DISCUSSION TOPICS

– Greed, revenge, friendship, cruelty, moral depravity, courage, resolve, symbols, appearances, evidence.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run MESSAGE

– What is important about each of us is what’s inside.

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